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Pregnancy Test
Your partner from conception to pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Our Services

Our clinic is a one-stop centre, offering a wide range of specialised services in obstetrics and gynaecology. 


We provide routine antenatal care as well as expertise in the management of high-risk and complicated pregnancies. Our centre also offers obstetric scans for dating, screening, and monitoring of fetal growth and development. 


Our doctor specialises in fertility medicine and assists couples in achieving their fertility goals via ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, elective egg freezing and in-vitro fertilisation techniques. 
Our clinic offers abortion, contraception services and gynecological procedures such as laparoscopies and the removal of fibroids (myomectomy), cysts (cystectomy), and the womb (hysterectomy).

As a fertility specialist, my goal is to empower individuals and couples with personalised care on their path to parenthood. I am committed to offering guidance, advanced treatments, and unwavering support, ensuring that each patient feels heard, valued, and well-informed throughout their fertility journey.

Menstrual Disorders
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Gleneagles Medical Centre

6 Napier Road, #08-07
Singapore 258499




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