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Assisted Deliveries

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Forceps used in assisted deliveries

What are assisted deliveries?

Assisted deliveries involve the use of instruments, such as forceps or vacuum extraction device, to help deliver the baby. They are typically performed when there are concerns about the progress of labour, fetal distress, or the need to expedite delivery for the well-being of the mother or baby.

Who needs assisted deliveries?

Assisted deliveries may be recommended for women who encounter difficulties during the second stage of labour, such as ineffective pushing, prolonged labour, maternal exhaustion or fetal distress. The decision to perform an assisted delivery is made based on careful assessment by your doctor.

What types of assisted deliveries are there?

Different types of assisted deliveries include forceps-assisted delivery (where forceps are used to guide and protect the baby's head through the birth canal) and vacuum-assisted delivery (where a vacuum cup is applied to the baby's head, assisting in its descent during timed maternal pushing).

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